Below is everything you need to know about becoming a potential tattoo client. If what you need to know may not be listed here, please feel free to email me, Obsidian at maybeheaven.ink@protonmail.com

Please read about Pastel, the multidisciplinary art studio to become more familiar about the space. Our COVID-19 Policy is here.

Following are all the details about booking and my boundaries surrounding the creative process. If you're ready to go ahead and book your appointment, you can do so here.

Deposit & Booking:
The regualr priced deposit is $50. The guest spotting deposit is $100. The Discounted Deposit is $30. Deposits are a non-refundable fee. It covers the consultation, researching and starting the design phase. It ensures your time and commitment to the project.This fee goes towards the final cost of the tattoo. 

Do not submit a custom booking form until you are ready to pay the deposit and have allocated a budget for your potential tattoo. Ask what questions you need first by emailing me.

Flash and Custom Designs: Every flash that is made is only done once. Each custom design created especially for an individual is only done once. In the event that you like a flash or custom piece that has already been tattooed, these designs can not be repeated detail for detail. But they can be reimagined as a custom design. If the tattoo has not been posted or claimed, but you would like to see minor changes about it, this can be recreated as a custom piece.

Additonally, no one is given permission to take my design to another artist to have it be tattooed. 

Tattoo Special (Discounted Flash & Customs): I offer discounted customs and flash below regular rates ranging from $50 - $80. 

The primary stipulation of obtaining this special, is that the potential client must be able to prove that they have donated an amount of $20 or more to a mutual aid fund supporting a BIPOC (Black Indigenous Person of Color) within the week of creating an appointment.
A screenshot can be emailed or DM'ed to me within 24 hours of booking.

Ultimately I determine the sizing of special customs and flash, but they will range in size from 2" to 4". Designs can be in full color or just black. This discount is able to apply to pre-drawn / pre-season designs.

Rescheduling: If you happen to have an emergency or need to reschedule for any reason, please do so 2-3 days or sooner before your appointment time. In this case, your deposit can still go towards the new appointment. If you fail to reschedule within this timeframe, I keep the deposit.

Booking Process (Before Your Appointment & Pre-Tattoo): 

*Please be mindful of the fact these are necessary before I move forward in designing your tattoo: 

♡ You must have scheduled a date & and paid your deposit for your appointment through the Square Appointments Booking Site.

♡ You have submitted a little bit about yourself, the concept and other details in regards to the tattoo on the "Custom Tattoo Request Form". 

♡ The more specifics I have within the "Custom Tattoo Request" Form correspondence via e-mail or text about the tattoo – the more the vision is clarified, and imagining the concept creates more options for you to choose from the day of your appointment. If I still have questions about: Sizing, Color, Placement, References etc. I will contact you through the provided information or we will figure it out the day of your appointment.

Designing (Day Of Your Appointment & During Tattoo):

I will typically have 1-3 tattoo options prepared and available to be tattooed the day you arrive, depending on how much detail we agreed on in our correspondence. 
The selected design is able to be altered with minor changes the day of within these parameters:

♡ Free Alterations Before The Stencil Is Placed: Minor changes in the design, Placement, Switching the same number of colors, what parts of the tattoo have color, doing just black, flipping the direction of the stencil.

♡ Free Alterations During The Tattoo: Small changes in linework (like removing a detail before I come to it).

♡ Charged Alterations During The Tattoo (Pricing Varies): Sizing, Significant changes in the design that weren't agreed on during correspondence, Adding more colors than what was initially agreed upon.

♡ I will decline to creating an entirely different piece than what is available the day of your appointment or during the tattoo, is not an option.

♡ If you dislike the design but still want to work with me, we can use your appointment time to design something together. This is a $50 fee, and does not go towards the cost of the tattoo. Once we agreed and feel confident in the design, we can then reschedule your next appointment which requires another separate deposit.